Drill & Play - Rating 2.5-4.0

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Social play, learning tactical strategies and a fun challenging environment are only some of the reasons to take these classes!

Teen Development gets players "Rally Ready" and developing their own style of play using different services, ground strokes and volleys. Learn how to play with different levels and ages, identify strengths and weaknesses in your own game and your opponents game too.

Get one on one time with one of our professional coaches. Improve your game with lessons specifically tailored to your individual needs. Private lessons are the fastest way to improve and with your private coach, work with them on developing your long term goals with check points along the way to make sure you stay on track.

Message us today to book one of our coaches for a private lesson. Available 7 days per week at any time our coaches are available.

Our list of Junior & Adult programs we offer in our classes & camps. Designed within Tennis Canada, USPTR, Tennis Australia standards .

For Parents

orange ball - (Level 1,2) - 8-10 year olds

development stage

instant tennis - Rating 1.5-2.5

RED Ball - (Level 1,2) - 5-7 year oldS


CANgaroo Tennis

CAN you play with the CANgaroos?

CARDIO TENNIS - All Levels Welcome

These programs are perfect for ages 3-5 as a great introduction to tennis. Learning basic movement and racquet skills in a fun game-based environment has never been easier!

Work on catching and throwing, running, changing directions, stopping and changing direction of a ball on the ground, impacting the ball from a stand still and more.

Tournament Coaching

Adults who have taken lessons before or who have played for awhile will appreciate learning the "inbetweens" of tennis. Not often taught shots and tactics such as topspin, slices, tennis movement, recovery tactics, doubles play and much more.

The best things about these classes is that after the lesson, scheduled social play to put all of the lessons content into practice!

This is a higher level program and players must be able to be comfortable rallying and have previous competition experience.

Adult Programs

Green Ball programs use a full size court, 25' or 26' racquets and a ball that is 25% decompressed. These programs build on complete understanding of all major strokes and introduction on specialty shots like slice, spin, drop shots, lobs, etc.

Lessons in Green Ball programs will include lots of rallying and game play to put into actual practice. It will be encouraged to practice and compete outside of lesson times to get the most out of the lessons.

This tennis-fitness hybrid uses music and the entire tennis court to create a workout based around the sport of tennis. The point of the class is not to improve your strokes, rather get your heart beat up and hit as many balls and move as much as you can in the one hour classes.

Cardio Tennis is suitable for all levels of play as the goal is repetition and movement.

green ball - (Level 1,2) - 11-13 year olds development  stage

Teen DevelopmenT - 13-17 year olds

Using an Orange Court program, 3/4 court size, 23' and 25' racquets with a ball 50% decompressed these are ideal programs for 8-10 year olds.

Building on what is taught in the Red Ball programs, further learning on all major strokes and moving to another level of game play with mental conditioning and game play practice.

Following the ITF's (International Tennis Federation) guidelines, this fun program gets you to "Serve, Rally & Score" from the very first lesson! Using modified progressive equipment that is slower and easier to track, learning new tennis skills becomes faster and more efficient.

Throughout the classes, we will move from Red to Orange to Green progressive balls which vary from 75% to 50% to 25% compression, slowly building up confidence in your play! Learn all major strokes, scoring and how to play mini matches!

Parent & Tot's (Level 1,2)  - 3-5 year olds

active start

Private Lessons

The perfect class for people who used to play but haven't in awhile or someone who just wants a quick reminder on the 4 basics of tennis: Serves, Ground strokes, Volleys and Game play.

These classes are normally 4 weeks in length with a new topic each class. This is a recommended program to take at least one a year to gain experience in parts of your game that you may not be confident in or that you need reminders on certain aspects of the game.

  • Progressive Tennis (10& Under Tennis, Red/Orange/Green Tennis depending on where you're from) is a teaching methodology endorsed by every major national tennis organization as the most effective and fun way to learn using proportional based equipment designed for a child's size and developmental stage in life. We use this in all programming and encourage practice of it outside classes
  • Moving to the next class will take time and hard work
  • Moving players means they understand all aspects of their level
  • Speak to a coach about setting up a good mix of group & private lessons to reach your playing goals for your little player(s)
  • Moving too quickly can take the fun out of a lesson quickly!

All Age Programs

Traveling with you to a tournament, our coaches can help you warm up, asess your games, work on strategies in between games.

They will go through a check list of items and warm ups you need to go through to give your best chance before each match and talk over your game at the end of it, advising you on best steps but allowing you to feel confident in your game choices with our coaches assistance.

Message us today to book a coach to come with you on your next big game!

Tennis Xpress (Level 1,2) Rating 1.0-2.0

Program Catalouge

We follow The National Tennis Rating Program 7 Level Rating System for our Adult Programs. For information on that click HERE.

Several of our coaches are former or current players. Get game based advice by playing a match or rallying with our coaches!

This "non lesson" lesson is using only 6 balls to play and our coaches will explain strategies and tactics used for competitions based on your own playing.

Message us today to get a great work out and receive some helpful advice on your current game.

Starting early in tennis is the biggest factor in future success. Red Ball programs use a Red Court format, with 75% less compression in their tennis balls and a 21' or 23' racquet.

Learn the FUNdamentals of tennis: Grip, Set-up, Contact Point, Hitting Zone & Recovery. Learn how to form a basic rally with another student on the other side of the net and basic scoring. Further classes introduce serves and volleys and basic game play.